Friday, July 10, 2009

Earthquake Dragon

So this is my final sketch for the earthquake challenge over at the art order blog. I didnt finish it, cause i've started working on the next challenge, i was too excited... I used alot of clone stamp and photo source in this one. When i eventually finish it, ill most likely paint over alot of the obvious photo source to give it a more painterly feel.


  1. Hey!

    I really liked the economy in this one. Nice to see a relaxed and confident entry which feels like it has caught it's breath, if that makes any sense?

  2. this is really nice man, I can hear the crackling as it moves!!


  3. Thanks guys!

    Ya Jon, i get ya. hes not raging and EXTREME, cracking open a mountain dew. But im not sure thats by any overt effort on my part. I tend to draw all my stuff like a concept, and tends to look rather flat etc. Thats the one thing that sucks about being a concept guy, is that ive kind of lost alot of that illustrator image composing skill. The little i had anyway...

  4. Yoo, slick images! Truly dig the concepts and your rendering technique meng! Rock on!

  5. nice work & I dig the creature designs

  6. very nice texture! your work is amazing!

  7. wow.. great!.. and what is this new project?? your work is awesome!

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